About Jean Sablé

Native of Lorient, Jean Sablé drew his passion for painting in several family generations, and it is in this cultural environment that has naturally been initiated into the art techniques.
In 1984-85, Jean continued his artistic training at the Institute of Painting of Brussels with the Flemish Master Clement VAN DER KELEN.

In 1984-85, John continued his artistic training at the Institute of Painting of Brussels with the Flemish Master Clement VAN DER KELEN.

 In 1991, as a corollary to his creations, Jean began to teach his art in several art schools in Paris and the United States.
This long experience of art education, combined with a mastery of techniques, have enabled him to obtain in 2000 the title of “Meilleur Ouvrier de France” and create in Versailles the first professional school of decorative painting: SABLÉ SCHOOL.
To date over 1,200 students took courses in all areas of the wall art.

Jean Sablé is also expert at the Court of Appeal of Versailles in the specialty of Craftsmanship.

He is working with judges and lawyers and assists justice in the analysis of disorders, defects or disputes in decorative and artistic finishing of architectural heritage.

He is the author of a book, entitled "Decors-peints et trompe l'oeil" published by Editions Eyrolles. This book, prefaced by François de Mazières, Deputy Mayor of Versailles, received the Grand Prix "Art and Technique". He has also published numerous reports in specialized technical journals.

Permanent member of the International Exhibition of Muralist Artists, Jean Sablé organized and chaired in Versailles, in April 2010, the XV° International Exhibition of Architectural Painted Decor. This event brought together 150 painters, the most talented of them, from all over the world. On this occasion, a mural was painted and donated to the City.

Today Jean Sablé welcomes in its School, in Versailles, students from all over the world to acquire the rare skill. He regularly fills orders for a discerning clientele on construction sites in France, the US and the Middle East. He is a member of Ateliers d'Art de France and IDAL "International Decorative Artist League" in the USA.


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